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Wow, AWS down, or at least glitchy for a couple of hours there. That was fun!  來

redchiz1 by Champion 2
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More episodes option gone

Noticed the last few days on both my TV’s that the ‘more episodes’ option has vanished how can I get to the series/episode list now?I go from downstairs to upstairs and when switching they are not remembering where I was so I have to skip forward loa...

Loops by Mentor
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I have received an email from you - reference 12711535. It asks me to reply to an earlier email.  I did not receive this earlier email. Please resend.

Community feedback wanted

Hi All,   We're looking to gather feedback about our Community.   We've put together a quick survey, if you have time to fill this out it would be very much appreciated.   Please be aware that we’re looking for feedback specifically about the Commu...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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getting an additional line installed to property

I have been trying to get in touch with NOW to discuss the possibility of installing an additional line to a building next to my house, where the main telephone line is, and having tried what seems like millions of options cannot get anywhere to eith...

stuarty by Advocate
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Resolved! Boost

So disappointed with NOWTV that they are charging £5 per month on top of everything else just so that users can watch on more than one device.  Been a member now for 8 years, spent a fortune, been a valued customer but it's not enough for them.  Just...

WiFi management

Hi everyone, I want to deactivate my WiFi in the evening by using my phone if I can, then be able to switch it back on in the morning but I'm not sure if I can.Is there a way I can??

Paul1987 by Advocate
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Hi dies anyone out there know how to resolve a landline problem.  Can ring out on phone, but my landline doesn't ring. I have bought a new phone it's not that. I can ring the number it just doesn't ring. Help.

Sheila by Mentor
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