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cancelling current provider

Hi,  I am new to NOW TV and have an installation date for TV, telephone and broadband on 14th July. Will Now TV cancel my current contract with Virgin Media or do you have to do it yourself? Thanks Gary and Karen

Fraudulent activity on my account.

I have been contacted by my bank and a total of over £400 has been taken from my account. NOWTV being one of them. I cancelled my account back in February and now suddenly I’ve been charged again. I can’t go further with my case or access any money i...

Resolved! withdrawal of PS3 for Now TV

We are a new user for Now TV, and now have been told that NowTV is bring removed from PS3.  We have taken up the offer of a free stick, however, we have more than one TV in the house being used that utilises a PS3 to view NowTV as only have one smart...

Is Britbox any good ?

Has anyone signed up and used BRITBOX ? And is it any good ? My son has been trying to persuade me to sign up or at least try it out with a free trial first,  Not sure if it is worth the money and his only interest is to watch all the classic Doctor ...

Remove my bank details

Dear Now TV,   Can you please remove my bankdetails or delete my Now TV account as soon as possible without any delays.   Thank you


Now TV is absolutely Rubbish and made worst by the fact that it’s impossible to contact anyone. if the company has a decent PR department they should have contacted. Me by now. Sadly not and I have been trying to lodge a complaint for over a week now...