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Connection lost then back again

I'm getting very annoyed at now TV when I'm watching the entertainment channels I pay for and the movies all I'm getting is internet connection lost then it's connection found and I have to start over again. It's making viewing pointless. Ive tried t...


Hiya I can no longer access the app through fire TV is this a permanent thing or is it a temporary  


NOWTV is rubbish.  I had a message saying I had too many devices and so deleted some.  Now I have a message saying I’ve made too many swaps.  Recently bought a sky sports pass.  Complete waste of time.  Not impressed at all and will be cancelling my ...

Resolved! cancelling sky for now tv

I've been with Sky for at least 8 years or so but, i'm looking at getting the Super Fibre & Anytime Calls with nowtv. Main reason is the cost compared to my current package is £25 cheaper per month. will i need to contact sky to cancel subscription o...

error codes

I have a smart TV and have been watching from the app in TV for 7 years now without a problem.  These last few weeks everytime I search for something nothing comes up and if I got to I get error code 1300.  If I go to library to select it ...

Phone number

I have tried to find the phone number everywhere to discuss my renewal (or cancellation ) of my contract. Can anyone tell me please????


now tv stick not connecting to hdmi port. tried different devices still not working. a solid whit light on display. tried resetting

NowTV broadband down?

Hello, is the internet down because I can’t seem to get my router to connect to the internet. It’s done this several times in the 2 years I have been with nowtv and normally I ring them and it magically gets sorted as soon as I’m on the phone to them...


I'm so angry as my 4hrs job was fckd by NowTv brodband, I've actually lost all data now with my business work coz of that, no support in the evening, no help obviously just a stupid information for hard core brain damage kids about how to set up Ur r...