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Crap Internet

Right I have the Internet and worst ever, it pretty much doesn't work in any room it disconnects and keeps going in and out of covosations when online on anything. Even when you stand right next to the box, bloody crap and never been 100% now it's to...

Now tV Stick problem

I have 2 NOW TV Sticks registered against my accout which util recently have worked ok - but now when I try to use them they fail to connect to the Now TV server reporting..... Oops something went wrongWe are currently experiencing some technical dif...

Resolved! Sky Sports Passes

Someone help. Tried buying the sky sports month pass. Keep getting the “opps something went wrong page” I connected to a live chat. With the guy saying where was a on going issue. Anyone know when this will be fixed. Need to watch Man City v Arsenal!...


From my recent experience of trying to get NowTV to be installed I know for a fact I have been lied at worst or mislead to be generous to NowTV.The call centre helplne girl I spoke seemed qite indifferent and dismissive of my concerns and, quite fran...

Over charged

I’ve been charged 38 pound in 7 days can’t get to speak to no one it’s so wrong how this can be done and yet there is no one to answer me how do I sort this 


I've just moved to now tv hub two Internet, my phone has connected fine so has my TV and now tv box but for the life of me I can't get my xbox one to connect to the Internet, it picks it up in the network search i enter the password but it won't conn...


I have cctv but when I put my plug booster on it stops me using the Internet on my phone. Why?Nothing work through wifi.

Connection lost then back again

I'm getting very annoyed at now TV when I'm watching the entertainment channels I pay for and the movies all I'm getting is internet connection lost then it's connection found and I have to start over again. It's making viewing pointless. Ive tried t...


Hiya I can no longer access the app through fire TV is this a permanent thing or is it a temporary