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Recently joined nowtv for phone broadband and entertainment package have been stopped £23 for broadband etc and £6.99 for entertainment package but also they have taken £5 which I cannot find in bills and payments section anyone any ideas .

I have been charged twice and want to speak to some one ?

Hello, I bought a now tv Sky sports month pass yesterday At £25 and the money was taken, today this afternoon Now Tv have charged me a further £25, I want to speak to someone regarding this payment & get my money back I’m not paying £50 for 1 month o...

Resolved! Unable to sign in

Hello, I have been unable to sign in / use any of my nowtv services now for over a month. I have tried deleting and reinstalling all apps. I have reset my password.  I have created this new account as I can also not log in to the forums. Please can s...

Broadband help

Looking to get the now broadband but activation date is the 5th Oct, and unfortunately  we need it asap The apartment I live in previously had the broadband as the device is in storage.  Is there anything we could do to have broadband earlier as it h...


I’ve been charged for passes on my account after a was told a was getting them free for 6 months after months and months of paying £45 a month for a package and not able to watch as it was buffering all the time minimum of4 and I wasn’t even getting ...

won't add passes

I jus bought 2 new sticks as 1 broke they came with entertainment pass an both sticks are now set up but will not let me add the free pass with 1 I signed into my existing account and 1 I set up a new account and neither will add the pass