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When will now offer ultra HD (4k)?

Hi all, almost a year ago now we had been told that Now would be updating service more regularly in future and were working on 4k/HDR and I believe Dolby Atmos. 

However, skip forward almost a year and there’s been no further updates that I am aware of. 

do we think the service will be updated to offer this?


I understand sky will be releasing their puck to new customers soon which I believe will offer 4k etc on certain content but this isn’t now tv and is separate (although I wonder why they don’t also offer an app like Now as this surely would be taken up then by many more customers instead of requiring yet another device)

I am happy with the channels I have on now tv and don’t require a full channel line up like they have on sky q and sky glass etc as already have freesat which I’m happy with to get the other content. 


A few years ago Now got updated to include full HD and 5.1 sound which was great but in 2022 with all other services now offering lots of content in 4k I feel I am missing out still when watching content from sky. 

BT sport app shows most of their premier league games and champions league games in ultra hd and HDR and the picture quality is amazing. When I then switch on a game on Now I am underwhelmed as picture quality is no where near as good and almost looks washed out because of lack of HDR. 

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@Anonymous User 

As much as I would like to see 4K etc added, I would much rather profiles were brought in. 


Even ITVX will be getting profiles at launch!

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Anonymous User I do agree that BT Sport in 4K is exceptional. Most of their customers have to pay extra for this privilege, although surprisingly not those who subscribe to the app on a monthly basis.


It would be good to have it on NOW, but I wonder whether that would be yet another excuse to hike up, or further differentiate prices?

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I truly feel like Now will not get 4K for a long time Sky Glass is clearly the way forward for Sky business model. Specially with them making it a standalone device without the TV aspect at the end of the year. 




I agree BT Sport is a bit confusing with pricing i effectively pay £5 for 4K as it's part of my EE Phone Contract.

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Yes profiles would be good but I’d still rather have 4k personally. Have coped this long without profiles so used to it now on Now. 

BT sport is quite expensive but the app you do get the 4k/HDR stuff all bundled in with that price and that’s fine for me at moment. Guess they could offer a non 4k version for slightly cheaper but seems they just wanted to give one option. 

I think if 4k did come to Now that there would either be a price increase for everyone or more likely they would add another tier. Like Boost+ or something like that which allowed access to Dolby atmos and ultra HD with HDR. 
to be honest this is exactly what Netflix does as they have 3 tiers. Standard (non HD), HD and their premium (ultra HD) versions. Then it’s down to the customer on what they need or want. 

it seems silly if they don’t now come out and offer the UHD streams as why state they were actively looking at bringing this to the platform a year ago? I’m pretty sure that sky glass was already on the table back then and being looked into so can’t see that it would be getting in the way as Sky glass will bring in customers that want the full tv on line including bbc and itv channels etc and people will take this up if they don’t want a dish or can’t have dish etc (which personally I do not need)  or customers like us go down the Now route which is gradually looking more and more like just the Sky channels/movies and Sport (I think like others have said in other threads that paramount etc will probably take MTV and Comedy Central) 


again, if sky offered their sky glass service without the need for another device and just released as an app that you can download on multiple TVs then think more people may take it up but having to have a puck per tv is not something I’m too keen on. All that’s missing for me is 4k mainly for sport.