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What is changing within the NOW world....

Hi I have just had to re -boot my NOW Dongle back to factory settings, the device dropping out literally overnight ( thanks to those who offered advice). So having started to re set the relevant pieces of information including my membership details I find I am presented with a Direct Debit form which of course includes my Bank information....The screen implies that I will be charged  a figure of money each month...This is new to me.....


Now my viewing consists of watching programmes on the likes os BBC iplayer, All4, Channel 5, and ITV Hub all of which as far as I was aware were free to air... In which case either I am reading the screen incorrectly or NOW appear to have  begun to charge it's members for using their system


I have heard via Rumour Control that SKY are addressing this system in as much that they no longer manufacture or sell either the dongles or the equivalent boxes.  Whether this is correct or not I am at a loss


Does anybody know


@Anonymous User 


On a Now device, Now require your billing details so that if you start a membership, e.g. Entertainment or Cinema say, they can charge you for that.


But if you just use the Stick for free services, like the broadcaster’s catchup Players, then apart form the nominal 10p or so that Now temporarily reserve (not charge) on your card, to prove to themselves that it works, it’s a card they accept, and you do have funds, they will make no further use of your card.


(Stories that Now will spontaneously ‘gift’ you a membership and then start charging you for it are apocryphal).


However, you would do well to set up a Payment PIN so that no-one but you can buy such memberships, as stories of other people, housemates, friends or family, especially small children, starting memberships on a TV with Now on it, at your expense, are not apocryphal.


And yes, Now are out of the Now Stick/box business, except perhaps in ROI, curiously, so Now is mostly an app on other manufacturer’s devices now.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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Hi Roy thanks for your response tis a great pity that NOW and perhaps one or two other organisations are apparently reluctant to advise their customers of such things

Thanks again

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


When you first bought the NOW Stick you must have had an existing NOW account or created an NOW account giving your bank details to NOW.


Otherwise the Stick wouldn't have been activated in the first place (unless you was using either a family members or friends login).


If your bank details are still on the NOW database system, then when you factory reset the Stick, it firstly should ask you to enter a six digit activation code off your television to go to the website and type in the code on your existing NOW account (well it does for me whenever i have factory reset my NOW Stick in the past).


Should it have changed and you are greeted with a QR scan code on the television to sign up has a new member, then you should be able to ignore this by pressing the x close button on screen and navigate to the bottom of the NOW Home Screen and click on the My Account tile on the bottom grid row and enter your existing account login details used on the Stick.


If you have asked NOW to remove your personal / bank card details then you may have to start one of the free trials and if requested you may have to give your bank card details again (if any 7 days free trials are available on your online NOW Membership and cancel the 7 day trial fully within the first day or so to get your Stick working again for the non NOW Apps such has IPlayer, YouTube etc.).