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Unable to sign you in, please try again later

first of all I should start by saying this is a new account that I have set up in order to be able to access any kind of help/technical assistance from NOW TV. 

I’m having a problem that I’ve been having for just over two weeks now every time I sign in To my normal account (not this newly set up account) it will display the same error message time and time again on every web browser via every device I have tried nothing seems to work. 

it says “Unable to sign you in, please try again later“


I have tried resetting my password several times each and every time I enter the new password click submit it will come up with an error message saying password has not been reset then I will receive an email saying you have successfully reset your password, both the new password and original password when tried come up with the same original error message. 


i’m also unable to view any NOW TV programs on any of my devices it would appear that my account has somehow been blocked/suspended. 

if somebody from NOW TV technical support could please get in touch with me via this account I will then be able to tell you what account I am referring to and hopefully you can sort it out. 

I understand after reading some of the previous posts in this forum that I am not the only one that I’ve been having this difficulty over the recent months, hopefully you can sort this out soon and stop it from happening to other people.