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Terrible packet loss

I am getting terrible packet loss through JUST nvidea geforce now. It's like now TV are blocking it, I get packetloss from 3% very minimum and an average of 7% and a max I've seen at %15 and it makes the service unplayable every website for checking packetloss is always at 0%(no matter how long the tests are) so why is now TV blocking It. I've got a vodaphone SIM and have confirmed it's not nvidea's side. 

Any remedies or fixes before I leave now TV? Because the chat bot was incredibly unhelpful and very frustrating, giving links that done exist

Legend 5
Legend 5


Can I assume you've checked the status of your line in this link?

Have you done a factory reset to the router indicated in the link below?

You need to call the broadband team. See link for number.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I've tried all this to no avail, thank you, I'll give the number a ring now