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Talk Talk - Router Wireless Help Please

Hi folks, don't know if anyone can help.  Just moved from Sky Fibre 40/10 to Talk Talk large (80/20) with the 633 superhub.  On all devices connected to 2.4GHz wireless the download is abysmal (16MB) but upload is fine.  Sky Hub worked perfectly, tried changing channels and separating out 2.4GHz & 5GHz, but no success.  Same on all devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone/pad) different distances. rooms, laptop only 2 m away.  Got Broadcom 802.11n network adapter.  Any suggestions much appreciated.  Cheers pethead65


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There have been numerous complaints about TalkTalk's so called 'Super' fibre router that you're better off buying your own.


It doesn't affect their ADSL routers which work fine which I use.



Networking Spec - ISP: TalkTalk VDSL2 @ 76mbps | Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen, Chromecast 3rd Gen WiFi, Motorola Moto G9 (Android 11), Dell PC with Windows 10 Home Edition using Now TV Player.
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Having a look at the TalkTalk forums seems to be some concerns with the 633. Fortunatly I've got one of the 635s instead.

One thing that I had noticed was that the download was limited per device. I found this hidden page within the router admin (you'll need to hit diagnose then expand WiFi) which shows which ratio each device is getting. 20/40 on the 2.4GHz for the 5 currently connected and 80 for the only mobile on 5GHz.

When doing a test practically next to the router with my phone 5GHz was getting 32Mbps (80% of 40Mbps) whilst on 2.4GHz it could only manage 24Mps (60%, I've seen it as low at 16Mps but there might have been more devices online at the time).

Although even with 16Mps it was still faster than the ADSL we had moved from, and was a limit to the device, not the whole house.