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Sky Glass heralds the end of NOW TV

Sky Glass being launched today heralds the end for NOW TV: Sky Glass


This is the first version of Sky's long promised Sky over IP service, and will no doubt be swiftly followed by a set-top box variant (the Sky Glass TV will not be a big seller).


It would also explain why NOW TV is no longer manufacturing hardware, and attempts to maximise income from NOW TV users with their charges related to the Boost add-on.

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I do think it means that we will have to wait even longer for 4k etc to come to Now Tv though as they will really want to push people towards Sky Glass 


What’s the betting that it doesn’t support ARC or eARC?

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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I think there's still a place (in the short to medium term) for Now but I can see the benefits of Glass.


A one box solution for TV, sound and streaming without a dish will certainly appeal to a sizeable market particularly as people look to save space and energy consumption.


Will I be tempted? Time will tell but the overriding factor for me will be any restriction on sharing the account. Now is convenient as I can give access to my elderly parents and retain control of the cost (using retention offers etc) and any issues with the service.


Interestingly, the linked article says the service works on WiFi 6 without mentioning if it 'only' works on WiFi 6 or if you lose some of the functionality by using WiFi 5. Also there's no mention of minimum bandwidth requirements.



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@Saint1976 @RoyB 


Sky is suggesting at least 11mbps for a single Glass device and 30mbps for multi-room of the HDMIs can output sound via eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel)


Mentioned here:

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Legend 5

Vincent from HDTV Test who is a respectable TV reviewer and TV pro calibrator has done a quick overview of the Sky Glass TV's.


including in the YouTube Video he mentions the spec of the panel which is VA 60hz and the OEM manufacturer which is TP Vision who are behind the Philips TV brand.


He reckons from a quick viewing of HDR that the peak brightness is around 500 nits to his eyes.


Though until he tests and measures the television once he gets a sample he will confirm the actual peak brightness and can count the number of local back light dimming zones.


If i was interested in this TV i would wait for HDTV Test bench results if you need to know the peak brightness in HDR.


i have a Philips 4K HDR TV with 450 nits and HDR has very little to no impact, where my Hisense TV can push out around 1000 nits and HDR is impressive.


How would you like a 4K QLED TV with VA panel, full-array local dimming (FALD), Dolby Vision & Atmos support, as well as Sky built-in without the need for a satellite dish or set-top box, from just £13 a month? Well, the newly launched Sky Glass is just one such television. Timestamps: ===========
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Yeah i saw that revenue i'm still in two minds if to get one of these 43 inch tvs and get Sky Experience or to go for a 48 inch oled but not have the sky experience 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Reading a couple of different AV forums, a few people are thinking of getting a 43inch Sky Glass TV for the Bedroom and adding a Sky Puck for their main room high spec television for the Sky experience.


I would assume a few customers interested in Sky Glass want a clean simple one solution device in their homes and are not that much bothered with the technical specs has long as the picture and sound is acceptable.


i am not sure about the Dusty Pink and Racing British Green colour schemes that look quite horrid to me.


Should anybody have any questions or looking for further information about Sky Glass then it might be wise to pop over to the dedicated Sky Glass section over on the Sky Community Forum.


Since the live announcement event this Thursday, they are quite a few threads and replies posted.


Because Sky IP are not offering a standalone streaming box, and i don't need another new television or what to go down the Sky Q Satellite Dish route, then i am sticking with NOW and can live with HD 1080p with my Boost Membership.



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Sky Glass is plainly a soft launch for the Sky over Internet service, and I'm sure a set-top box version will follow fairly soon.


And despite Sky Glass seeming to be a fairly attractive proposition, there are a multitude of reasons why Sky users would prefer not to replace their TV with Sky Glass or consider it when purchasing a new TV.


Also Sky's previous attempts with hardware (other than set-top boxes) have all been a total failure, like the LG TV with Sky Digital built in, or the Sky Gnome, and most recently the Sky Soundbox!

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Legend 5

Hi @chai 


I have had my fingers burnt on more than one occasion when it comes to new products coming to market 😭😭😭.


Personally I won't be considering Sky Glass TV until Sky offer a Sky IP 4K streaming box where you don't need to purchase a Sky Glass TV.


For the meantime time i am happy with NOW, where i mainly watch Sky Atlantic and live Sky Sports.


Like you said, i won't be surprised somewhere down the line there will be a standalone streaming Sky IP boxes and you don't need to buy the Sky Glass television to get onto the Sky IP service.



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Sky have already pulled the OTT service in Spain which is like Now TV. Comcast didn't want Now TV. Now TV is being gradually brought in line with Sky over IP. e.g. no more day or week passes for Sky Sports, no voucher cards in the shops. I would expect it to be rebranded or us all to be offered deals to shift over some time next year.