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Just thought I'd post here and share my recent experience with email customer services...


I had recently discovered that I inadvertently had two NOWTV accounts with two different email addresses -  one which we were using day-to-day to watch TV at home, and one which i must have opened years ago perhaps to trial the service, and forgotten about.


To cut a long story short, after needing an online password reset, I inadvertently  applied vouchers to the wrong (old, unused) account, causing me to be billed on the main account, with the worry that six months worth of vouchers were now resting on the wrong account.  Three promptly replied-to emails later, customer services cancelled the existing vouchers and reissued a new one, and helped me close the old account to prevent me from making the same dumb mistake.  Didnt refund for the passes bought by mistake, but at least the voucher codes are added onto the end of the month's pass i bought in error, so i'm at least not paying for something i'm not receiving (if you get my drift).


Always nice to have a service mistake resolved to your satisfaction, especially when the mistake was your own - and all emails were replied to within 60 minutes (often much less).  So: thanks to the NOW TV team, credit where credit's due this time.


Thanks again       -        STU



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It's always nice to hear when people get their issue solved 🙂 😉

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
so please click the Thank You/Thumbs Up button if I helped you out and maybe even accept it as a solution? 🙂
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@caseyb1993 wrote:

It's always nice to hear when people get their issue solved 🙂 😉

Agreed.... It makes a pleasant change from all the negative comments Smiley Surprised


@Anonymous User @caseyb1993 @SeeMoreDigital


Well M


As said by Casey and SMD, I am also happy to hear when praise is given where praise is due and your problems have been promptly solved.


I also have to take my hat off to you for admitting that the problem was your own fault.  You see, many users do not, will not admit when they do something wrong, we've even had users blaming Now TV for not monitoring their bank accounts for them (how daft can you get).


Once again, thank you for praising the help team for doing a good job and owning up to the origin of your problem.






UK Bob


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I agree, so quick are folk these days to be offended and complain that Now TV are an oasis in the midst. Never a better move made than that from TalkTalk to Now. TalkTalk call centres would take an average of 30 minutes to even answer (before Covid) whereas Now are immediate or within a couple of minutes tops. The reps are clearly understood with crisp Irish accents and enthused and competent in total contrast to the apathetic, indistinct, very hard to understand, thick accents of TalkTalk reps who struggle to grasp your issue and invariably are unable to resolve it without a delay and a fuss. "Chris" today was beyond excellent, empathetic and patient in dealing with my mother who is hard of hearing in implementing an extra service, there and then, professionally and concisely. Oh if only all businesses had the communication skills and competence of Now TV from first impressions. We may have problems in the future, but I shall look forward to making that call if so, as opposed to the "dread and campbed" setup necessary in waiting for TalkTalk's feeble responses. Happy to allow our name to be used in recommending Chris and his colleagues on the emerald isle. Thanks