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New update

Does anyone else fine the new update on the stick rubbish to naviagate and pointless? Ive had now tv for years but this new update Is so rubbish im thinking of canceling, is anyone else feeling the same


I agree, it may be flashy and similar to sky Q, but it feels like style over substance, it is a nightmare to navigate, compared to the old interface everything takes 3 or 4 more steps to do.

It feels like a backwards step for instance why is watch live is at the bottom of the list, did they even use the interface before releasing it.


I have also found i am now getting the following problems, since the update:

1) Trailers before programmes are sometimes stuttering

2) Have had a couple of HDCP errors, when starting a programme.


Anybody else had these problems?

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Yes this update is awful. For some reason they are trying to be Netflix with their atrocious menu and navigation. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous menu. It was all so clear and easy to use. I have already cancelled my subscription and will not use this service anymore. No program is worth this kind of messing around with a poorly laid out app. 


Yep agree it's a terrible UI update. It's less intuitive, slower to respond and harder to search with any degree of certainty. It's just a mess.

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I have gone on to watch my now tv via my now tv stick and seen a message saying "sorry, now tv is currently unavailable". Is there an update or something?? I have 3 valid passes. Also is there no number to call now tv for help????

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Don't know if there is anything in this linked thread below helps ?