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IPL cricket

Hi, I bought the now tv sky sports pass to watch IPL cricket. But sky is now showing England vs west indies womens cricket instead? Why can't I watch the IPL live while womens cricket is on? 


It's on sky sports mix at present


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NOW TV will be showing every IPL match until the final on 10th November.

They’ll be on Sky Sports Cricket.


Todays(sep 19, 2021) IPL cricket is not showing anywhere in the cricket schedule in nowTV.

Can I watch it?


I bought the membership to watch IPL Cricket only.

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Is NOW TV showing the IPL games 2021, starting today Mumbai vs Chennai?


I can't see any games in the LIVE or upcoming schedule?



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Hi @sree @Anonymous User 


it's on the NOW Bonus Streams service at 2.50pm today.


Have a read of this about Bonus Streams. 

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Hi Schnapps,


What do you mean by bonus streams, I have a monthly pass, how do I locate that is there a path you can suggest?


I have checked after 2.50 today, still cannot see any events for IPL?


Kind regards,



Where can we watch IPL live? This is insane

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Hi @Anonymous User 


What playback device are you using ?


Where the Bonus Streams are not on all NOW supported devices.


Open the link that i posted where there is a FAQ about Bonus Streams and what devices offers Bonus Streams.

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User see the image below when logged into the community. You need one of the listed devices and a monthly sports membership to access bonus streams.



If you are using one of those devices and have a monthly subscription, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you'll find the Bonus Streams section with today's match there.