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HELP Renaming Devices

Hello all! 

New to NowTV but extremely happy with the service it provides!! Myself, Parents and Grandparents are finally able to watch footie matches with the Boost option!!!


The question I have is -

 Am I able to rename Devices on the device list as it come up:

2 x Chromecast

2 x mobile

1 x roku 


…instead I’d like it to say (mum and dad’s Chromecast) or (dads mobile)


thank you for reading and if you can help id really appreciate it!! Many thanks!

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


It can't be done anymore since NOW changed how customers Manage their devices 😡.


I wish NOW brought back this feature on allowing customers to give them the flexibility of naming their devices on their list.

Anonymous User
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Thank explains why I can rename my new TV as lounge TV to differentiate from bedroom TV. Very annoying