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Community Manager
Community Manager

Getting started on the Community




What is the Community for?

The Community is the perfect place to chat about your favourite shows, movies and sports with others. It’s also a great place to find useful advice and tips for getting the most out of NOW TV.


What kind of support is available here?

Our members are customers just like you so while they’ll be able to offer great advice on more common issues and help you troubleshoot any problems they won’t be able to help with any billing issues, changes to your account or service.



What are the different Community areas?

The Community is split into three different areas:


News & Info

This is the place to stay up to date with the latest from NOW TV and get acquainted with the Community.


Using NOW TV

If you’re having teething problems using NOW TV / NOW Broadband or something’s not quite right here’s where you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and advice from our customers.


Talking NOW TV

Weather it’s your favourite shows big plot twist no one saw coming or that amazing blockbuster movie you can’t wait to watch here’s where you can chat with other fans.



How do I make a new post?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for just choose one of the discussion areas and click the new post button image.png button.


Tips for making a post:

- Try to make sure the post is clear for others to understand


- Don’t post any personal or account information (email addresses will be removed)


- Don’t use profanity or threatening langue (this could result in a ban from the community)


- Make sure you've read the House Rules before you post



What does "Accept Answer" mean?

When you make a post on the Community you’ll see the Accept Answer(IMAGE) button whenever someone replies to you.


By hitting this button you’re telling everyone that this person answered your question or solved your problem, it then becomes what we call an “accepted solution” Here’s some reasons why solutions really help our Community:


  • They help answers stand-out for others to find (anywhere you see (IMAGE) that means someone has answered the question.


  • They help build our users reputation. Every time you accept a solution this lets others know that person is a helpful user.


  • You’re helping other customers. Accepting solutions really helps other users find the answer they need quickly.



What are Superusers?

Our Superusers are a big part of the Community. These users are experts in everything NOW TV they’re ready to help you with all sorts of questions or just chat about what they’re watching right now!


How can I tell who’s a Superuser

Look out for the star badge - su icon image.PNGnext to the person’s username, this means they’re one of our Superusers – but please remember while our superusers love to help people out they do not work for NOW TV so can’t access your accounts.