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Disney plus

Hi, I have a Disney Plus subscription. From today it says Disney plus is no longer available on this Roku device. Anyone else have this? Does it mean can no longer watch it on the now tv device? Thanks 

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Hi @Toby2 

If you have the NOW Freeview Smart box with the blue NOW TV logo on the top casing then unfortunately Disney Plus removed support on this box after the 31st of May 2023.

The older NOW black box, NOW 4K Smart box and NOW Stick still supports the Disney Plus App on them. 


Thank you for your quick reply.Just checked my NOW TV box has the blue logo on the top.Can I simply order a new NOW 4K Smart box , from NOW TV?



NOW no longer supply any devices under their own brand. The best like-for-like swap would be to an up-to-date Roku device, although there are others available which also support Disney+. 


 Thank you for your reply.

Would chromecast work or amazon firestick? just want the cheapest option please


Absolutely, yes.  🙂


Thank you for your help.


No worries. Do let us know what you opt for in the end and how you get on.  🙂


One thing to be aware of is that the original chrome cast is on its last legs, and will soon no longer be supported - as google are due to stop updates soon - it may also not work with now. so avoid any offers or dirt cheap prices.

 Like wise with other android TV sticks .


My general recommendation is t to choose either a Roku or Amazon fire, and spend a little more for a better model

However if you are looking for as cheap as possible then

B&M Roku SE £20

probably the cheapest, but will also probably be a little sluggish and slow to load a few things - however the speed aspect will only be noticeable if you use other streaming devices, also no 4K support (1080 max resolution) and a basic IR remote

Argos also have the Express for £30 ( not much of a step up over the SE) with the 4K version also at £30, the stream bar on offer for £60 and the 4K stick for £50 Streambar and stick also feature TV volume controls on the same remote


Fire sticks start around £35 , £45 and above gets you one with TV  volume controls on the same remote  with the 4k version at £65, and the 4Kmax at £65


I own both Roku and fire stick, my personal preference is for the roku as the layout is cleaner - a basic list of tiles representing the various apps ( such as iplayer/now/disney plus) which you can re-order as you please and not much else, where as the fire sticks/devices put amazon content front and centre and are designed for you to buy content from amazon  complete with a preview/video paying in the main menu screen  and the various apps getting far less prominence



£ for £, Roku devices are significantly cheaper than Firesticks.
And nicer, in my personal opinion, with a much cleaner interface, where I agree with @chilli2 

Roku Expresses aren’t sticks, but even on a TV on the wall, you can affix it under the bottom bezel of the TV with the double-sided sticky tape they give you. Looks very neat, practically becomes part of the TV.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.