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I called NowTv last week regarding a home move. I specifically called early as myself and my partner work from home and require broadband and wanted to minimise the down time as much as possible. I explained this to the person I spoke to. The person I spoke to advised me to call closer to our home move to try and make the whole move more seamless. As I don't know too much about this as this is the first time I have made a home move, I believed him. However, after calling today, I have now been told that we won't be able to activate our broadband until the 5th of October. I respect that you cannot dictate when OpenReach can activate us. However, I am completely disappointed with the advice one of your workers gave me to make the call closer to our home move. We are going to be without broadband for almost half a month. When beginning our contract, we were without WIFI for over 20 days. I don't understand how you can justify this. By the 5th of October, we would've been with you for 12 months and during that time, we would've had over a month of being without broadband. I specifically called early for a more seamless move and because of the advice from one of your colleagues to call closer to our move, we are now without broadband. I highly recommend you take a look at how you deal with customers issues similar to this because myself and my partner are now without the one thing we require in order to carry out our work. I really am unsure on what to do.

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@NowLondon posting here won't get any help I'm afraid as this is a customer to customer forum. Your best bet is to submit a complaint.