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About time mods followed the rules

Contributors follow the rules, and try to supply new ideas according to those rules, but Tom-r decides he will not follow those rules, and instead chooses to deliberately understand forum rules or posts (obviously he cannot read English).. Deletes those suggestions and sends nasty messages to the contributor.


well done Tom. way to go: alienate a paying customer and supporter who has stuck by now TV despite having a load of issues (account closure on the say so of yahoo, followed by unrequested data transfer, extremely poor support..).. alienate a paying customer and supporter who just happens to know more about broadcasting live and offering media on demand on the Internet, including copyright issues and delivery methods, than any UK broadcaster, having pioneered such services and the licensing of content before such licencing solutions existed.


the one small mercy, Tom tells me he has passed on my suggestion. Yeah, right. But even if he did, without feedback from the community, now TV cannot make an informed decision on the matter and therefore the now TV business suffers, the service suffers and the viewers suffer.


well done Tom.