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NOW TV Smart Box Help

    What is the NOW TV Smart Box? The NOW TV Smart Box turns your TV into a smart TV, and is a great way for you to get Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Freeview channels with no contract.   What’s the difference between the NOW TV Box a...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Freeview retune alerts

Hello everybody   This is just a heads up to make people aware that from February 2018 more Freeview retunes are happening.   The day in which you will have to conduct a retune will differ depending on your geographical location. Please see the artic...

Resolved! Movies

Movies been shown past few weeks are boring.  People are stuck home and sometimes getting a good movie to watch is all you need. Current movies being shown rather makes you depressed.  Theres nothing enjoyable about this movies.  Waste of money and a...

There was a problem connecting to the netwok

Error message (activation plugin not downloaded: -4)just bought this box today have tried everything over the past 2 hours including using my neighbours wi-fi connection and nothing is working - just keep getting the same message.....anyone help?

App store not loading

Am wanted to download 'My 5ive' from the app store. I scroll to the bottom, click app store and it's just  not loading any apps at all. I really wanted to watch something, but there is not list of any apps to download. Quite frustrating. I've checked...

Resolved! NOW TV 4K Box replacement smart remote

My smart remote control started to eat batteries increasingly faster over time, and I recently noticed a small buzz when placing my ear next to the remote and pressing a button. Last night my remote stopped working altogether, so I went on ebay and b...

Box no longer turns itself off

The box used to go into standby whenever I put the TV into standby but now it stays on. I can hear the fan whirring and if I turn the TV on it's still playing on the channel that was on. Any ideas?

Smartbox preloaded passes not working

Hi all, I bought a now TV smartbox awhile ago and I've just got round to setting it up, it says in the box and the leaflets that it comes preloaded with passes and 'sign in and follow the onscreen instructions to redeem' Well I've done all the above,...

Resolved! Now TV 4K

So it looks like now tv 4K is no longer available (how annoying). does anyone know if they will be replacing this with another 4K device?

Resolved! Setting up now tv box

I've had a smart box for a while and have tried to set it up on my TV. I have connected everything and all is well until it asks for the displayed code to be entered onto the site.  It doesn't accept it therefore I can go no further. I'm not very tec...

Activation without using passes

dear nowtversi have an existing NOWTV account and old box. I just bought a new box which includes a series of passes. as part of the setup I am asked to enter a code on my smartphone or computer on doing so I get to a ‘redeem passes’ screen. I do not...

Roku stick

I’ve just about enough of the now tv freeview box not turning off TV guide not loading etc etc thinking about going down the roku stick way Are these any good for now tv is the app just the same as on now tv devices,obviously I know I’ll not get free...