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NOW TV Smart Box Help

    What is the NOW TV Smart Box? The NOW TV Smart Box turns your TV into a smart TV, and is a great way for you to get Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Freeview channels with no contract.   What’s the difference between the NOW TV Box a...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Freeview retune alerts

Hello everybody   This is just a heads up to make people aware that from February 2018 more Freeview retunes are happening.   The day in which you will have to conduct a retune will differ depending on your geographical location. Please see the artic...

Now TV v Sky

We have recently moved to NOW for broadband and telephone and are ow thinking of leaving Sky also for the TV. How do NOW & Sky Entertainment package compare and how can you record programmes as I understand you can't do this with NOW.

Address of NOW head office?

Hi,I need to return a NOW box that has been sent to me despite my cancelling numerous times.does anyone know the head office of NOW?

Resolved! Now Stick Voice Activation Issues.

Back in April this year purchased new Now TV Smart Stick when the issues with the Roku problem was not fully resolved.Everything has been working fine till a couple of weeks ago and am now having issues with the Voice Active Search. Messages from "ca...

Marcus71 by Scholar
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Display problems

Help!! I’ve been trying for what feels like forever. My tv when I turn on my box is pixilated and I can’t see anything, I’ve tried unplugging, resetting, EVERYTHING! Is my device faulty?? 

Resolved! HELP! BT TV

@ links to membersHi all, new here and trying to find my way around. We joined BT TV and have NOW TV as part of their package. Long story short, BT TV have turned out to be rubbish and we want to leave but want to keep NOW TV. Do we have to order a S...

Privacy warning

Hi can anyone help mee on all devices it says privacy warning and not letting the kids into games etc 

Error sign in

Hi. I've been trying to do again my membership after a while, but when it arrives at payment, it says ERROR SIGNING UP, SOMETHING WENT WRONG, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. Whar shall I do?I tried to use Safari instead that Chrome but I have the same issue.

NowTV white box no longer supported

Hello I tried connecting my old white NowTV box but after updating the system software I was told this device is no longer supported. Bit of a drag as I was looking forward to using it in my bedroom and spent ages trying to reset my password for almo...