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NOW TV Smart Box Help

    What is the NOW TV Smart Box? The NOW TV Smart Box turns your TV into a smart TV, and is a great way for you to get Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Freeview channels with no contract.   What’s the difference between the NOW TV Box a...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Freeview retune alerts

Hello everybody   This is just a heads up to make people aware that from February 2018 more Freeview retunes are happening.   The day in which you will have to conduct a retune will differ depending on your geographical location. Please see the artic...

Is there an outage

I am unable to access now TV on my stick, box, app on PlayStation and mobile phone. Is anyone else experiencing this? Saying not connected to internet even though every other device is and working. 


hi,ive seen a page about a ux3 feature as part of a set top box i believe. the feature allows you to schedule a recording from live sky via now tv. i want this because the nowtv catch up service is just very poor and often very delayed after broadcas...

Byronjay by Advocate
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Spotify app currupt

Hi All, I have installed the Spotify app twice now an each time the app ends up currupt, it might work for a few seconds but very quickly its impossible to see the keyboard or the login menu, ive managed to actually login to my account once and all t...

Box not working

I have the now tv box connected to my tv via hdmi lead and the broadband via Ethernet cable, however I still receive nothing so cannot even go to settings to try the recommended options. This is now a daily occurrence and before I bin it all off I wa...

Ant1 by Advocate
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No service

Anyone else having issues now stated “Sorry NOW is currently unavailable 臘‍廊

Outage since 25th May..??

I am facing outage issue since last 13days.. in Northolt and still no idea when they gonna resume. Any idea what's happening around???

TV Guide not showing

My mum's Now TV box suddenly decided to stop showing the TV guide this morning. I've gone round this evening and it's all up to date, I've reset it, rescanned (found 147 channels) but yet the TV guide is still not showing up at all, any ideas anyone?

Now tv box not turning on

My now tv box has all of a sudden stopped turning on?? It's plugged in but nothing is happening. I've been looking to order a new one but the support side of there site is bloody awful. Very poor. Any help