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Now tv smart box scrolling

Hi, I have a Now TV Smart box and when I push any button on the remote, the now tv box keeps continually scrolling through the page. The problem is not with a sticky remote as I've used the remote from a box in the bedroom and still the same problem. I have tried factory resetting but still the same problem. Any ideas?
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Hi @Anonymous User


Out of curisoity, if you own a smart phone and download the free Roku Remote controller App from your phones App store does the nowtv smart box still continually scroll when using the Roku remote App ?


If not, there maybe a infra red issue on the smart box, where the Roku App on your phone works over wifi.





Anonymous User
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I know have same issue with smart box!

I've got this problem now too. Box was fine sunday, then yesterday as said above continuous scrolling through page. Roku app on my phone works with no problems. Has there been some sort of update that's causing this?. Maybe someone from Now Tv can help.