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NOW TV mobile app

My app isn’t working when I when I select the sports channels

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Not sure if you are using a Mobile Sports Pass or a full blown Sports Pass (can you confirm ?).


With the NowTV Mobile Sports Pass you can only watch with a smartphone (tablet or casting not permitted) and you are limited to five Sports channels, which is Premier League, Action, Arena, Racing (Horses) and News.


When watching these five channels you need to use the NowTV App from your phone's App Store and not going to the NowTV website with your phone internet browser.


Are you complying to the above if you have a Mobile Sports Pass ?


If you are using a full blown Sports pass, then maybe try deleting the NowTV App from your phone or tablet and download a fresh version of the NowTV App, then see if your full blown Sports Pass works on any of the eleven Sky Sports channels.