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LAN IP Setup: Address Reservation - behaves erratically

I am new to Now and have been transferring my old network devices to my Now hub. With my previous hub I was able to configure certain devices to have a statically assigned IP address. However this does not seem to work with Now. Instead, I have had to assign a reserved IP address, based on each device's MAC address.

The procedure is actually quite simple, though pretty unintuitive - but that is not the issue.

My problem occurs after selecting the device from the list of attached he'd devices; selecting the required device; and assigning the desired new IP address. If I then press the ADD button, I seem to get two different types of behaviour. In each case I get a warning that the hub will need to reboot, in order to apply the change - no issues with that. However:

  • In the 'good' case, I get a "Rebooting" message appear and the device duly reboots. After this, I need to wait a while before the hub becomes available again and the IP address is assigned to the new device, exactly as I wanted.
  • In the 'bad' base the screen goes blank after I press the reboot (corresponding to the web page not being available). If I ping the hub then it is still present and I can access it immediately, by simply reverting my browser back to its base IP address ( In this case, the hub does not appear to reboot and the fixed address assignment is lost.

Note that my actions are identical in both cases: I select the same attached device and assign the same fixed IP address. It's just that the hub's behaviour is totally random - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I would be happy to provide my firmware version if someone can tell me how to find it from the web interface.


Found firmware details, under Maintenance/Router Status:

Manufacturer Sky
Model NR801
Firmware Version 4.32.0504.R
DSL Firmware VersionA2pv6F039m1.d24m