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Intermittent broadband

I Recently transferred now tv over to the new address. Since then we have had problems. The signal drops out constantly and sometimes stays off for 24 hours. We have had two engineers out and both could find nothing wrong with the line. The second one suggested a new router which we now have and were still having issues it dropped out twice tonight . Has anyone else had issues when moving home?


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It looks look this problem is on Sky’s and NowTV (same group) as I moved from Sky.


i’m experiencing the same issues, internet light drops out Intermittently for know reason and returns after 5mins. It was doing the same thing on the Sky hub for the last 3 weeks before I moved to NOw TV that use the same designed Hub (NowTV Box 2) exact same issue.


Last thing sky told me, that there was some Interference on the line, and I would need a engineer to come out and take a look. Which didn’t happen as I was moving over to NOWTV. 

My thoughts maybe the overwhelming demand Of broadband as everyone is at home. But then I can’t see why that should be a problem as that’s is what the internet is built for everyone online at the same time.


if you work out what’s wrong let me know,