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Hi I have just bought the 12 months entertainment pass with now tv stick to reconnect to now tv .  I have reset the wifi link but cannot view anything as it just says 'buy pass for 7.99 per month'

I thought, having bought this package that I would be able to watch straight away and through my now tv black box - do I need to wait for the stick?  Is my old black now tv box obsolete or can I use both

Any help would be much appreciated

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

Unfortunately with the nowtv stick with the bundled passes you will have to wait until the stick is delivered and setup before you can take advantage of the 12 month entertainment offer.

If there is no paper scratch card voucher in the box (which i doubt nowadays) then once you have setup the stick and followed the activation code instructions from your television set, the 12 month entertainment pass will be automatically uploaded to your account.

Then when you are ready to start the 12 month entertainment offer, go to your account on the nowtv website and under My Account > Passes & Vouchers you should see a redeem button somewhere on this page to start your 12 month entertainment offer.

Make sure when you setup the stick and when asked that you use your current account details that you use on your nowtv black box.

Then once the above is done, you should be able to watch nowtv entertainment on your black nowtv box, together with any other three extra devices that you have on your account device list.


Anonymous User
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thanks very much