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now TV box has never worked from day 1 help

bought box few years ago, never got it to work ( should have taken it back to tescos at this point)

 tried various recommended fixes on line. There was some suggestion that i needed to change settings in my broadband set up. Unfortunately i felt uncomfortable messing around with my virgin broadband settings i therefore gave up at this point. 

        Several years have passed and with the football restarted after lock down I decided to try again.  Still cannot get black box to work. Now TV told me to press reset button for 30 secs and note down the 6 digit code, no code appeared. So if any one has any suggestions please let me now.

          I was speaking to a friend who said he never got his box working also so there must be other people who have had similiar problem.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


When you hold in a pin on the small reset hole on the rear of your black NowTV box for about 30 seconds, do you have the power switched on to both your television and NowTV Box, plus the television is on the same HDMI input source to which ever HDMI port number you have plugged your box into.


You should normally then see from memory the "Let's Get Started" message on your television screen, then either press the right directional arrow on the NowTV remote or OK button (can't remember which) to proceed to the next step on screen.


Or do you get stuck when the box is looking for your WiFi network and you don't get the three green ticks before proceeding to the next stage of the setup.


If so, have you tried using an Ethernet cable between the box and your Router.


If your television screen is blank, check the wiring, check your television is on the correct HDMI input source number, if using a external HDMI switch box (bypass it), try a different HDMI cable and different HDMI port number on your television.


Should you have no joy seeing the Lets Get Started message or no instructions how to activate the box with the activation code on your television screen, then if you have another television in the home, try that has a temporary measure to see if you can setup your old black box.


try changeing the hdmi lead plus make sure its pluged in to a normal hdmi port and not hdmi arc .has for messing with internet thats rubbish its a plug and play plus never forget hard wire all the way never wifi and now tv will flawless on youre black box.