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Watching something and will go to homepage

I will be watching a program or film and every 20-25 minutes it will automatically close the station (movies, bbc etc) and go to homepage. I then need to go back into the station and resume. It is so frustrating. Any ideas how to resolve this problem?

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Hi @Anonymous User


Looks like you are not the only one who has come across this (see linked thread below).


Sorry I don't know the solution if none of the trouble shooting steps that I posted in the above link helped. 


If it was me I would try live chat or tag the other forum members in the above link to see if they found a way of resolving it. 


I know there seems to be a bug effecting some customers NowTV and Roku devices where using the NowTV App, My TV Continue Watching and TV Guide section, but this tends to throw them out immediately back to the Home screen page. 


You could try using the search workaround method by typing in the TV show or Movie you wish to watch to see if that plays the full duration, though I am not sure your box or stick has the same software bug.