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TV Guide



I have a couple of black NowTV boxes and a stick.


Have just noticed that there is an option on the homepage of the stick for a TV Guide, but I cant see it on the boxes.  


Do I need to turn it on ?  What can I do to enable it on the boxes ?


Any help greatly appreciated.




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Hi @Anonymous User


I don't own the nowtv standard black box (only the newer nowtv smart box) where the new version layout of the TV Guide on the homepage was added automatically with a firmware update a couple of months back.


If your nowtv boxes have the latest sotware update (You can check this by going into the system settings menu) then this is pure speculation on my part, that it's either a feature that nowtv are not considering for the std nowtv boxes or maybe it will be rolled out on a latter firmware update ?


Perhaps somebody from the NowTV Team can confirm accordingly to your question ?