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Sports On Demand and extra streams

So I see Now Tv is advertising that Sports On Demand is available, well this is a lie. It's not available on the 4k box. Any idea when this will be updated?


Also, will this also add the extra sport stream channels? During the international break I wasnt able to watch several games on the 4k box but they was avaliable on NOW TV app and NOW TV app on talktalk tv. So why not on sky's own box?

Elite 3

@Anonymous User on demand is available on selected devices. If you have the Android app, you can add an on demand video to 'my favourites' and then watch from your smart box or start watching the video in the app and then go to your box and watch it from 'continue watching'.


Bonus streams are also available on a number of devices (listed in the image) but plans for availability on the remaining devices is slated for 2021.


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Just tried the app method and it works perfectly. That does me.

Thank you

Hopefully the extra streams channels will appear soon in time for EFL championship midweek games when there is more than one game at the same time so you can choose what game you are wanting to watch.