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Nowtv stick

I use the nowtv app on my TV but recently received a message saying that nowtv would no longer be supported on this device from 24th of August, my question is that is it worthwhile buying the TV stick? Is it just the app that won't work?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I am guessing you are using an older LG Smart TV with the Netcast OS where the NowTV App is being withdrawn by NowTV on the 24th of August.


Before considering buying a NowTV Stick for your television, jump over to NowTV live chat where they may offer you a free NowTV Stick for your troubles (something similar happened with PS3 owners where NowTV dropped support to it).


Use this link below to access the green live chat button.


Should live chat not open for you try a different internet browser or another device with a browser on it.