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NowTV Won't Load

Hi, I've had issues for the last 24 hours watching NowTV on both my black box and Roku box. The home screen on the black box is just spinning circles and when I go to NowTV through my apps, it opens briefly and crashes on both players. I've done factory resets and software updates but nothing has worked, and while I understand the circumstances there is no support available at all. The fact that it's both players means I'm thinking the issue is NowTV not the boxes- all other apps are working, and NowTV is working on my phone. Please help!

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This issue is being reported all over the forum in different threads. I got a new nowtv box but still have the issue of it hanging so apparently not a hardware issue.


Someone else suggested you can use the 'search' function to find your programmes which worked for me but is a ridiculous  workaround. 


Are NowTv doing anything to resolve this?

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I've found a way to get round the TV guide not appearing by immediately pushing down to come off "home" as fast as you can to get to the TV guide and it will come up. 


If you stay on home with the spinning circles it will eventually do that on all pages.


Still no  idea what is  causing it though! 

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I think the only way to get nowtv's attention is to submit a complaint. That is the only way I got a response. They were rubbish responses but I still got contact. They are obviously not monitoring the forums or if they are they dont care and are using covid 19 as an excuse for poor customer service. I signed up to resolver to complain.


I also contacted them by their complaints form.


This issue resolved for me before I got anything useful of nowtv

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**********     SOLUTION      ***********


I have read the previous comments with great interest and have exactly the same problems.


I have a Now TV Smart Stick,

a Now TV 4k Smart Box, and 

a ROKU Smart Stick


I bought all of the devices brand new less than 9 months ago and replaced all 3 of them less than 2 months ago only to find that they all have the same problems. 


The problem occurs when trying to access MyTV whether via the sidebar tab or via the direct button on the remote control. Now TV loops when trying to access My TV and kicks you back to the main menu. It is possible to access programs directly via the search function but this does not give you access to the My TV page which contains your Watch List and Continue Watching List.


I have tried hard resets, soft resets, secret menu screens, Router firmware updates, replacement hardware. Some resets and amendments to hardware settings provide a very temporary fix but they do not fix the problem. We all need My TV as it contains our Continue Watching and Watch List. We cannot be expected to remember how far in to a box set we got, search for it and forward our way to where we left off every time we want to watch something.


I spoke with NOW TV and they just completely fobbed me off. They denied all knowledge of any problem whatsoever.


I spoke with my ISP, TalkTalk and they checked my router had the latest firmware, no firewalls or other settings that would prevent me from accessing the My TV page. hey denied all knowledge of any problem whatsoever.


I spoke with ROKU and they referred me back to my retailer.


I spoke to the retailer, Currys, who sold me all of the new equipment and they just replaced everything but I still had the same problems.




I spoke to the SKY Technical Help Department. I explained all of the problems and we worked out the possible causes one by one. The SKY lady was not aware of any problems with these devices but in passing she asked me if I had connected my devices using the internet from my phone rather than my home broadband. I had not. I had not thought of it.


I started a Mobile Hotspot using my Android Phone and connected my NOW TV Smart Stick to it for about 4 or 5 minutes until all of the menus, TV Guide and MY TV had loaded. It is really easy to do. Simply start a Mobile Hotspot with your phone, search for a new WiFi Network via your NOW TV Smart Stick, box etc. and then let everything load up.


After a few minutes I then connected the NOW TV Smart Stick back to my home WiFi connection. I turned the Smart Stick on and off with fingers crossed and it still worked. Everything has worked perfectly ever since.


Even my other ROKU Stick and NOW TV Smart 4k Box worked instantly without me having to join the Mobile Hotspot. Fixing 1 box fixed all 3. So far everything is working as it should do after a week and life has returned to normal.


THANK YOU SKY TECHNICAL HELP. Thank you, thank you, thank you !


The solution  :  start a Mobile Hotspot with your phone, join it with your Now TV box, stick, device, give it 5 minutes and then rejoin your home broadband with your Now TV Stick, as before.


I have a few theories why this worked but ultimately it doesn't matter. It worked and so far has fixed the problem permanently.


Seriously, thank you SKY



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Just tried this an appears to be working.

Many thanks for providing a solution.

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Do you have an ad blocker enabled?

In my case disabling the ad blocker got the screen to load.