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Now tv box

Hello I’ve lost my now tv remote so I’ve downloaded the app to use that as a remote instead. The box isn’t connected to the same network as my phone though so I’m unable to connect them both together without a remote.


today we realised there’s an Ethernet port on the back of the box so my question is.. if I wire them both together (router and nowtvbox) will they then be both on the same network or would I still need to input my WiFi password?


thank you.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you have an Ethernet cable then try it to see if it works.


Should you have no joy, would you have the old internet Router that you was previously using the NowTV box with ?


@schnapps  @Anonymous User 




From my fast fading memory, when connecting a device via an ethernet cable, such as my PC, NAS, etc., to my modem router I don't ever recall having to register that device to my network, connecting the cable took care of that.


However, every device connected via wi-fi had to registered with the wi-fi  (SSID) name and password.



UK Bob




@Anonymous User 


It sounds like you are using the phone only over its mobile data 3/4/5G connection.


Turn on its WiFi and link to your home router, and then it will be on the same network as the box.


You can connect your box to the router via an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi if you like, and that won’t need a WiFi password.


But it is vanishingly unlikely that the box is currently connected to a different router via WiFi than it would be by Ethernet.


So unless you get your phone onto the same WiFi as the router and the box, it still isn’t going to work; and if you do get the phone on the same wifi, it won’t matter, as far as the connection is concerned, whether the box is on WiFi or wired Ethernet,

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