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Now tv box remote not working

Hi I haven't used my now tv box for a while and I've just plugged it in and the remote doesnt seem to be working. I have removed batteries and changed them, unplugged the power cable but ive read that some people in the remote has a reset button but mine doesnt can someone help please 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Are you using the older NowTV black box and not the newer NowTV 4K Smart box or NowTV stick which uses the newer smart remote which can be easily identified where the smart remote has a volume control rocker button on the side of the smart remote.


If you are using the older infra type remote (no volume button) then there is no paring button to press inside the battery compartment on the remote.


Should the older remote not be working, then it could be a faulty remote or the infra red receiver on the box itself.


Have you tried going right up close to the box and pointing the remote directly at the IR receiver on the front right hand side of the box to see if the white light on the box blinks each time you press a button on the remote ?


Just has a test, have you got a smartphone or tablet and if so try and download the Roku Remote Controller App on your smartphone or tablet to see if the Roku Remote App works with your NowTV box.


More information here about the Roku Remote Controller App and there is a link to download the App from the Google Play Store or iOS Apps Store. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Last resort you could try a factory reset on your box if the Roku App doesn't work.


If you are using the older box like shown in the picture below and you have already tried rebooting both your box and router by temporary unplugging it from the mains.


Then to factory reset the box hold in a small pin into the reset hole on the back of the box for about 30 seconds, then you will have to setup the box again from scratch.


Can't guarantee it will work where you may have a faulty box or remote.





@Anonymous User 


Get your smartphone, point the camera at the sending end of the remote, and press the buttons on it.


If it’s working at all, you will see the infrared signal made visible on your phone screen.

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