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New box added to old account

Hi, I've just bought a new Now TV box (black) with two months free movies, and I wanted to watch it on another new device aswell but I find that because my account has an old box and other old devices, I am only able to add the new box and not another new device. The other three devices on my account are old and haven't been used for six months - is there any way that I can contact customer services and get them to allow me to remove the three old devices and not have to wait a month at a time to be able to add new devices? I would have used a different email when registering if I'd known the old devices from ages ago would restrict my usage on my new devices. I can't find a way to contact customer services on here - just keeps directing me to these forums. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

If you take a trip over to 'live chat' and explain what you want to do, they might reset your device slots Smiley Wink