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Need help wifi not working on my phone ( it says wrong password ) or IPAD but I never changed it

Hi , I need  help 

I never changed my WiFi password but suddenly it stopped working in my phone and IPAD saying wrong password... but my computer still working properly !

can someone help me in this please ?

thanks a lot  

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't own an iPad or iPhone so i doubt i will be much help, but if it was me the first thing i would try is fully power down your IPad & IPhone and also switch the power off on the Router for say a minute.


Then boot up the Router first, give it five minutes to settle down then power back on your Apple mobile devices.


If that doesn't work maybe try a factory reset on the Router by holding in the small reset button on the back of the Router for about 10 seconds.


Should that be no help then phone the NowTV Broadband Team for assistance and help.

Anonymous User
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Thank you ! I will try all of this , finger crossed ...
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Hi @Anonymous User 


My suggestions are shots in the dark to be honest and if nothing helps or no other forum member comes along to offer further assistance, then give the NowTV Broadband Team a call.


Do you have their telephone number ?


If not to save you looking for the number under your account, use the telephone number in this link page below (the telephone number is for NowTV Broadband customers only). 


@Anonymous User  @schnapps 


Hi Maï 


Like Schnapps, I too do not own an ipad or an iphone and I've never heard of any equipment that no longer recognise an installed password, whether it's a wi-fi one or for something else.


However, when anything computer related starts to behave badly you reset (aka reboot) it and start again.  So as a suggestion, factory reset your ipad and iphone down to zero and then reinstall and re-enter everything including your passwords.


Hope this helps



UK Bob






@Anonymous User @schnapps @ukbobboy 


We own several iPads and an iPhone between us.


And (aaargh) Reset on an IPad or iPhone is Factory Reset, albeit that you can be selective about which out of whole sets of settings you reset, but it is not reboot!!!

On newer IPads, there is a setting in Settings/General, just below Reset, to Shut Down.

Use that, and do not use Reset!!!

On older iPads, if they do not have this option, hold the Power button in until you see the slider to power off, then do this.


In either case, then wait two minutes, then press the power button in, hold it until the Apple logo appears, and then let it power up again.

This usually is enough to persuade Apple devices to straighten up and fly right.


The computer is probably OK because it hasn’t had to reuse the password lately; if the password really has changed, it may well detect this later on.


I would question resetting the router, if you have changed the default WiFi password and/or SSID at all, as these would then revert to the defaults; something to bear in mind.


Which may even be what has happened here, and should be investigated if power cycling the iThingys is ineffective.



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