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NOW TV Box Help (black)

We've compiled some of the top questions that you might ask about the new NOW TV Box.


Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.


Introduction to the NOW TV Box


NOW TV Box Setup and Troubleshooting


NOW TV Box Deliveries and Returns 

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The NOW TV Box turns your TV into a smart TV, and is a great way for you to get Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment with no contract.
From BBC iPlayer to Spotify, click here for the full list.
To use a NOW TV box for NOW TV and other apps, you must have or create a NOW TV account. Once this has been completed, you will not need a subscription to use additional apps. 
Click here for a handy step-by-step guide to getting your NOW TV Box up and running.
Nope. The NOW TV Box has been licensed to use within the UK.
Can I browse the internet on my NOW TV Box?
You’re unable to use the NOW TV Box to browse the Internet.
Can I pause, rewind and record TV on my NOW TV Box?
This functionality is not possible on the NOW TV Box. 
See here for all the nifty features tucked inside your NOW TV Box. 
Can I use a 5.1 speaker system with a NOW TV Box?
You're unable to view NOW TV with 5.1 stereo sound. 
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Please follow the steps found by clicking here.
Please follow the steps found by clicking here.
Please follow the steps found here to resolve this error code.

You can usually resolve this by detaching and reattaching the HDMI cable, or replacing your HDMI cable with a shielded HDMI cable.


Click here to see if your NOW TV Box is still under warranty for a replacement.
Click here for a nifty guide for resolving buffering issues on NOW TV Box and other devices.
Press a pin in the RESET hole on the back of the unit and hold down for 15 seconds.
If you need help with any of the apps other than NOW TV, please check the specific app provider's website. See here for a few easy fixes. 
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You can buy a NOW TV box, from our NOW TV box page or from selected high street retailers including Dixons Store Group (DSG), Argos, John Lewis, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's.
Your NOW TV Box will arrive within five working days of you placing the order.
When placing an order for your NOW TV Box, you won't be able to select a delivery date.
Click here to follow our helpful guide for any delayed or missing Box orders.
Unfortunately, once you've placed your NOW TV box order you're unable to cancel your order from being processed. Here’s what to do if you’ve changed your mind.
Click here to see if you're eligible to return your box to us for a refund.
Once we approve your replacement NOW TV Box order, we will use Royal Mail to deliver it. This will take up to five working days to arrive.