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My TV - Continue Watching Not Working

Hi All,


I am currently having a problem with the Continue Watching section in My TV.

A few weeks back I turned on my NOW TV and there were none of the programs that I was watching.

The programs are still in My TV - Watch List along with all the other programs that I had in the Watch list.

I have continued to watch programs however none of them are appearing in the Continue Watching section, even if I watch a program part way through.


I have tried  doing a system restart (settings/power), checking the software is up to date. but none of this has worked.


Anyone else experienced this issue or got any suggestions on what is causing this?






Anonymous User
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Same for me, noticed yesterday the whole continue watching section is missing on TV app and phone app.

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Same is happening to me. Sometimes a programme does roll forward into continue watching and the next time you look, it’s gone. Extremely irritating.  

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The only things you can try are:


- Reset your device. 

- Sign out of your NowTV account and then log back in. 

- Delete and reinstall the app. 


If none of that works, raise it with NowTV via Live Chat as it could be a fault at their end. 


Hope that helps. 


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Thank you, will give it a go.