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Continue Watching


Hi everyone


How is the 'continue watching' supposed to work? For example does it remove a series/film if you haven't selected it in a certain amount of time? I ask as this addition doesn't seem to work very well i.e. I go into my account and it has say 4 progs to watch (all different series) under the continue watching section. I can watch one of the progs and go back into the section to select a different series and it has removed 2 or more series - so it's there one minute and gone the next! (I do hope this makes sense). It is not working in a Netflix kind of a way and seems to remove things from the list at will.


So my basic question is should series that I am watching stay in the continue watching indefinitely (box sets) and if the series is on catch up the most recent should show up in there a day after broadcast?


If yes then it doesn't seem to work for me at all well. I have a Now black box, wireless connection. Ideally I would like recently watched back (in addition to continue watching as this is so unreliable)


Anyone else finding it a bit useless? Other than this I do like Now Tv and am generally really happy with it!

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Thanks @Lindzi - I've not tried Ethernet as my router is in another room, but I've been thinking about some power line adaptors so I'll try that when I get them. Now that you mention routers, I noticed it around the same time we installed Hyperoptic and changed routers. Thanks!
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Hopefully you can get it sorted @Anonymous User maybe come back and let us'll spur me on to try and sort out mine 😄
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Hi @Lindzi,


I seem to have managed to sort it out by changing the wireless channel that my router sneds on (it was set to auto before).  Good luck!

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Hi @Anonymous User


Thank you so much! As soon as I work out how to change the wireless channel on my router I will give it a go Smiley Happy




@Lindzi @Anonymous User


Hi Lindzi


You know something, your conversation with David reminded me that I also did not know how to change the wi-fi channel on my modem/router, so I went looking for the channel control.


OK, I found it easily enough and the control was set to auto, like David's, which I presume is the default setting for most, if not all, modem/routers distributed in the UK.


So, thumps up to David and you.

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UK Bob




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Hi  @ukbobboy


Thanks, hopefully it will work for mine too and I can stop moaning about continue watching  Smiley Wink