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Box not loading home, catch up or TV guide options

Hi in the last 4 days the home, catchup & TV guide options are not working. The screen just refuses to load & just hangs. I've tried soft reset, hard reset using the button on the back, factory reset, now tvs own technical support but no solution has been offered & the support team cut me off twice! Please help! The only way I can access content is via the apps option but isn't a great customer experience. 

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I actually purchased a Now TV stick to see if that would work properly. But, no, if anything it is even more useless and I see there are threads re. the error messages being thrown up when people try to activate them.

There is obviously a serious flaw in the NOW TV code or their system capacity which is simply not being addressed. It certainly isn't a problem with individual power supplies or network connections.


It looks like I'm having the exact same problem!


I have had NowTV for a couple and months and really was loving it. All of a sudden the home page, catch up and guide menu just won't load. 


I purchased a new stick thinking it was the old box's fault... but no, exactly the same result. Not even the Now TV menu loads when selected - it pops up for a few seconds then goes back to the home menu.


I can't search for anything unless its on the voice command, but what a ball ache! I can't actually browse either as I'll have to tell it specifically what to watch. 


This is made even more frustrating by the fact I can't speak to anyone directly. This needs sorting NowTV otherwise I'll be cancelling everything I have and will be looking to get all my money back. 


I hope you guys have better luck you're end.




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@Karl-F So, so far this is where I box stopped loading the home, catch up & tv options about ooooh 19 days ago now! So bought a new stick think the box was faulty. Low & behold the stick replicates the exact same issue.


So contacted their tech & CS team.


Tech support should be called Tech Shrug in my eyes, so far they've asked for the stick to be reset three times, each time it makes the issue worse & the latest ( this made me laugh) they've alleged it's my broadband connection despite the speed into the router being 57mbps & my actual wifi connection download speed being 27mbps being. I've sent them photos, videos, short of going to their actual offices myself with the stick I don't know what else I can do to assist their currently non-existent investigation.


Incidentally, the stick has been tried at a friend's house, his works fine, absolutely no hitches. Mine replicates the same issue I have in my house. It's not my bl**dy broadband, now tv.


Their Customer Service team are even more hilarious, they sent me (another) stick! So now I have two sticks & a black box all with the same issue, are you getting the picture now Now TV? They've then sent me a survey about how their CS is doing. You can imagine the response! They've then sent me an email asking me to reset the stick (as if I haven't done the 6 billion times already) & said 'Great News' they'll give me some codes so I can enjoy watching their services!!!! How I'm supposed to access these services when the Stick doesn't work is laughable. For heaven's sake do any of their depts actually liaise with each other & want to resolve the tech issue which by the looks of it is my Now Tv account-related because all other on-demand tv services work without a problem in my house!


So far with the new stick, I purchased & my subscriptions I'm at least £45 out of pocket with still no service & a tech team who don't know how to get to the bottom of things unless it can be resolved by switching the stick off & on again!


Annoyed doesn't even cover my frustration!!!!!! NOW TV please fix & stop messing about! I'm now at the point of looking up your CEO email address.

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I really admire your perseverance @Anonymous User and determination. It's definitely not a broadband issue because my LG 4K Smart TV, which has Now tv as a built in app has no such problem. The issue is only occurring through the black boxes and stick. In fact the stick is so useless I consider myself to be £20 out of pocket and it's been boxed up and put back in a cupboard.

I have to say this is the worst level of customer service I've experienced but admit I haven't tried to get hold of any of the tech people because everything that can be done at our end, to rectify the issue, has been done.

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@Anonymous User I'm force to reckoned with. As a CS manager for a well known UK food retailer I don't do messing about.


I had numerous problems with my new car, now I'm on first name terms with the make & dealership ceo's. Their dealership manager is also on my WhatsApp. Lol. 


If there's no response by tomorrow my email draft to the Now TV Ceo will be sent. I'm more than a little irritated at the lack of help when the issue is clearly theirs & all I seem to be getting is fobbed off. More action needed Now TV! 

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Thank goodness for people like you @Anonymous User


Many years ago I worked in passenger relations for a big American airline. I would never have kept my job if I had performed as poorly as the NOW TV folk seem to think is acceptable.


Unfortunately the big C has taken my voice box (laryngectomy) from me. Now, if I try to argue my case over the phone I come across sounding like a demented robot. But it's, precisely, because of my cancer that I rely so heavily on televisual media to supply my news, sport and entertainment.


So I'm with you all the way, in spirit, if not in my ability to speak up. Thank you.