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Amazon Prime

Okay so after having a now tv box for a while now, chuffed that Netflix was finally added, just wondering if Amazon prime is in the works of being added  as on the now tv box it mentions the roku channel store so, would my now tv account work on the roku site to add channels or would I have to create an account and would it even add the channels from the roku site?? 



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Hi @Anonymous User

I doubt Amazon will be coming anytime soon on the NowTV Platform, where i would say Amazon are a more closer rival competitor against Sky than Netflix, where both Amazon and Sky Store offer movies to buy and rent where Netflix doesn't.

Like you i was glad to see the Netflix App added to the newer nowtv boxes and nowtv stick, where the Netflix App seems to be working great on my nowtv smart box Smiley Happy

The nowtv devices are a stripped down version of the Roku players with a limited number of Apps compared to the full blown branded Roku player.

Unfortunately you won't be able to download any Apps from the Roku channel store on their website and transfer them on to the nowtv devices.

If you are looking for the NowTV App, Netflix App, Amazon Video App, plus BBC iPlayer etc all on one streaming device, then perhaps consider the Roku Express where currently they are being sold by authorised retailers for £19.99 as a Black Friday promotional deal (normal SRP is £29.99).





Amazon Prime Video is back on Now TV Boxes ! It's just in time for the Live football  double header tonight and tomorrow.


£7.99 a month or free trial for a month. I think it's worth it just for the Live football in December and if you add the other benefits like free fast shipping before Christmas - it can only be a winner.


I will probably cancel it in January though )