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Concurrency issue error 10021

I keep getting this error message on one of my now tv boxes. I have 3 devices in total. I have signed out of the lg smart tv app 30 minutes ago. The other now tv is switched off at the mains for 20 minutes. This error is still appearing on my only ac...

Resolved! White NowTV Box & Plex

Hi Forum, I must have been asleep at the wheel as I've only just found out that the old White NowTV box is no longer usable/supported.  Probably because it was connected to an old account and email address as I have the newer Black box and the flat 4...

Resolved! new device email

Ive received an email from now TV saying they will replace my white box with a black stick for free.Is this a real email?

Now box won't connect to the Internet

My now box won't connect to the Internet, it won't even find my network even though I'm connect to the wifi on my iPhone. Tried a few of the tips but none have seemed to work yet. Obviously this is so frustrating, anyone got any ideas?Thanks

White now tv box

Does anyone know if the whole box will stop working on the 6th of October or will I still be able to access other apps such as YouTube more 4 etc 

Now TV White Box - No Replacement or Refund

We have just tried to use our white NowTV box after several months (long and painful story) only to discover that it is no lnger supported - despite paying for it. Never have we received an email about this despite being called a liar by Cliford on c...

Resolved! Voucher code missing

I received my NowTV box last week however it is missing the voucher code for a month's free fim trial. I also read that some people received their code in an email however even though i've registered i have not received any emails. Does anyone know h...