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League 2 Football match - catch-up viewing

I suspect this may not be possible. I am not able to catch a League 2 match live this Sunday and am exploring the best way of getting to see it, short of travelling to Carlisle!  I don't think NOW will be showing this on catch up - is someone able to confirm. 


I took out a NOW day pass to watch a previous match live and this was very successful. 

The only other thought would be to record next Sundays match but again I'm not sure how to do so. 


Many thanks for any help. 

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Are you able to help answer the question for @GeorgeH ?

@schnapps no idea if you happen to know as I know you're more clued up on the sports rights than myself. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @GeorgeH 

The Carlisle Utd v Stockport County game should be on NOW catchup but unfortunately you will only get around 25 minutes of highlights (not full game) and this may take around 24 hours to be added to the NOW catchup service.

Unless you are a BT TV customer with the NOW Sports bolt on package through BT and are using a BT Youview recording box then you can record the match from the live BT TV Guide.

Otherwise you won't be able to record the match.

Also, perhaps have a look at the Sky TV Guide (something like the Sky Go App or Sky + App to see if there is a repeat broadcast of the game later on in the day or on the following day).