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Why are you now giving us a US news channel. I don't live in the US, I have no interest in their domestic news. Additional channels are always welcome but this just seems like a lazy channel replacement for what was a world class TV channel. If it needs to be news then even European based news channels would have been better (at least they cover the UK and our close neighbours). 

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @DaveSh 

This channel doesn't really appeal personally to me and i am not it's targeted audience, where i get my news from BBC News or Sky News.

With so many Americans living in the UK or UK residents who have family or friends over in America and when a major incident happens in America they might want the American coverage and their perspective of the news.

Also i can see the appeal if you follow American Sports (which i don't) or into the Celebrity news / gossip. 

For me it's just another news channel that can cause potential burn in on my OLED TV 😂.

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I totally agree 100% on this a news channel should never be considered a premium channel should just be on freeview like all the others TalkTV, GB News, CNN, Sky News, BBC News. 

Even adding Alibi to replace National Geographic