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Ads during an MTV show!

A family member has reported she had multiple ads during an MTV show (on catch-up) on her tablet. I know it's been discussed, but the whole point of watching catch-up is to watch at convenience and 30 minutes or one-hour shows can be watched without interruptions. For years we've been hit with "Ad Free" commercials for the product. I don't mind the ads at the beginning, as long as they're appropriate. I even find them informative on occasions as I sometimes lose track of when new shows have been added.


I understand that other services have commercials, but a lot of them in the US are free with them (I think ITV offer Ad-Free in the UK as an option). We're paying for a service (and I don't consider an add-free option as an upgrade like Full HD and 5.1!) without ads.


Hopefully this is a glitch or limited to the device, but for a service that's raised prices with little improvement to show for it over the years, it's quite disheartening. So if anyone from NOW TV is reading, this will cost you customers, maybe not enough, but some.


I'd like to hear from other members. We mainly use the LG App and this only has adverts at the beginning and if they're kept to 30 seconds, I have no issue with them.

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Take a look at this thread.


The simple solution to stop seeing adverts is to take the Boost membership.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I saw the excuses, like I said those services are usually free, like ITV's player and folks can go Ad-Free if they want to. I really don't see the point of taking an hour to watch The Flash on catch-up when it should take under 45 minutes. Paying an extra £36 a year (and you can say that you get HD and 5.1 as well (when we waiting years for them to be included during numerous price hikes (remember the jokes about us having to pay extra for subtitles (which are still terrible)?)) is appalling when NOW TV's tagline for years has been Ad-free. Yes, they've changed hands, but what's acceptable in one territory doesn't always translate to another.


Like I said, I don't mind ads at the beginning, but if they're interrupting the content, then I and I assume quite a few subscribers are going to have a problem. I know we're not going to make a dent, but like folks on social media say, "If your product's commercial interrupts my viewing, then I actively avoid buying it!"


So take heed Whiskas ...