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VAT Invoices needed - waiting 2 months


I'm a domestic user of a NOW Broadband and need to receive the VAT invoices containing my full name and address for a few previous months. I had treatment abroad, and I need to provide NHS with a few utility bills to prove that I live in the UK.


I called dozen times, wrote multiple emails to provided addresses [email removed] and [email removed] , even ask on Twitter. No single reply within 2-months. I will also write a paper letter to NOW TV headquarters (in Isleworth) requesting the mentioned invoices. These are essential for me and needed urgent. Please, there is any way of contacting "Sky VAT Invoice Team Change, Quality & Billing" (like phone number), or anybody can help with this critical matter ?

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Re: VAT Invoices needed - waiting 2 months

I'm in the same boat. This is terrible customer service

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