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Prices going up

Boost going up to £6 a month, when it went up to £5 it was a ridiculous increase!

Ad removal and multi access should be separate charges perhaps £3 for each?

HD and surround sound should be standard.

If NOW want to charge for superior picture quality charge for UHD!

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It's a bit of telly, you know? It's not compulsory. 


How patronising!

Luckily I’m only paying £1 boost…. 😉

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Luckily I am on a £2/month offer until July.  I have boost for sports for the 50 fps but not convinced it is worth it for movies/entertainment, especially when I never pay more than £3 for them. 

Our Boost price is changing
The standard price of Boost will be going up by £1, to £6.00pm. You'll see the price change reflected in your bills from 28 Feb 2023 onwards. If you're on an offer or a minimum-term plan, your price won't change until your offer or plan ends.
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I agree that full price is a bit much, but as I said it's not compulsory. I would likely not have it if I couldn't get a deal. And I find the superior resolution, lack of ads and multiple devices useful for other than Sports. 

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For those who haven't seen the notification:

Our Sports Month and Boost prices are changing.

The standard prices will be going up by £1 a month, to £34.99pm for Sports Month Membership and £6pm for Boost. You'll see the price changes reflected in your bills from 28 February onwards. If you're on an offer or a minimum-term plan, your prices won’t change until your offer or plan ends.

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Aside from the sports stuff, compared to other streaming services Im of the opinion that Nows  streaming services  are very poor value when you combine movies+entertainment+boost when compared to the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney plus, Paramount Plus,  and so on .

 Nows Entertainment+films with no adds comes in at a whopping £26/month , thats £312/year

£180 more than 12 months of  netflix

£217 more than 12 months of prime ( plus you get the shopping delivery and other benefits with prime)

£242 more than Paramount plus ( 12 month)

and so on.

I know now offer discounts, but even then package+Boost is far from competitive on price.

 At least you can jum in and out of Now, however you can do that with other services as well and even on a subscribe for a month then cancel basis Now is far from value for money in comparison  to the others


Still at least you are not tied to a contract and if the prices are high then cancel - other services are better value and there is only so much time to watch all of this TV content


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Disagree entirely! Especially when you quote totally meaningless numbers.

I have run out of stuff I want to watch on Entertainment and Cinema. Been watching Amazon FreeVee more. Full HD, one 15 second ad about every 1hr and as its name suggests its free. No annoying trailers that cannot be skipped either unlike NowTV even after paying for Boost. ITVx is full HD for free with ads. NowTV have been filling up with old BBC programmes on Alibi that I have already paid for with the TV Licence. For me at least, they have gone down hill with content and price.

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Absolutely, you pay your money and you make your choice. Informed by content that you want, as well as price. For the third time, it's not compulsory! If you are happy with a deal for NOW, or any other provider, then great. If not, just bin it. Although finding a deal with other providers doesn't ever seem to happen. And that is a usp for NOW imho.  🙂


Boost would be far more acceptable if it offered UHD streaming on any content that supported that, at this point 1080p should not require an addon. 

For those saying that you don't have to pay for it, that's true, but I'm not sure it's in their best interests to encourage people to think of cancelling stuff. Taking myself as an example, I first started to get the boost sub when the firetv app had an issue that only showed up when a stream tried to switch over to the adverts, but since I was paying for boost anyway, I found myself adding the movies sub more often too, but will probably drop down to just the ent package next month.