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Payment taken NOW A1A73

Hello, I've had a payment taken out of my bank for £14.99 under NOW A1A73, this does not match any of my subscriptions so is this a legit NOW TV payment? As on the description on my bank it's states 'pay TV subscription' can anyone help me on this?

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Legend 5

Hi @Cj 

Jump over to NOW live chat by clicking on the green chat online button from this link page below. 

If you quote them that reference number they can confirm if it's one of their charges and also should be able to identify what NOW account it was billed against and what the £14.99 charge relates too.

Elite 3

Have you checked the payment dates on My Account for your memberships? The payment references shown on my card are cryptic to say the least, but do resemble yours, although they do usually include a number followed by  Boost, Ents, Sports etc.