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Changing Payment date

How do I change my payment date ? Is this something I can do on my account or do I have to call and ask them to change the payment date ? 

Thanks 😊 

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Re: Changing Payment date



Payment date for what?


if memberships, you have to let them lapse, and pick them up again on the next occurrence of the payment date you desire. But please note that Now may stagger the payments for multiple memberships renewing on the same day, taking one per day after the due date.


For broadband, call the team on the number you have been given, and ask if it can be done. The question has come up many times, but I can’t recall if anyone has ever come back and told us if it could or not.


Sorry I can’t just post the number you require, but see here for a posting with a link that will lead you to the phone number you can call them on.

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